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Philippe Bazin

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John Brown Day Launches 150th Commemoration on May 9th,
the anniversary of his birth ; people watching and earing at J.W. Wiley talk, Sandra Weber song, antislavery singer Jim Mandracchia,
author and filmmaker Libby MacDonald, and Brad Hurlbust
reading John Brown’s last letter to his wife Mary ;
at John Brown Farm Historic Site, North Elba, NY, 2009
John Brown’s Body, photographies couleur, 2007-2010
124-144  Dans Paris, photographies couleur, 2009-2011

Philippe Bazin
34  À Propos de John Brown’s Body

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Denis Lemasson & Armelle Jayet
36  Dans Paris

Gaëtane Lamarche-Vadel
38  Désorienter le regard