Michael Hardt

Sovereignty, theory and event

5.4 .2002I have always been partial to arguments that give precise dates to mark broad historical shifts: modernity began, for example, on some specific day in 1865 when Manet painted his “Olympia” or on the day in 1791 when black slaves rose up against French authority in Haiti. Foucault made it a habit to choose […]

Empire hits back

Sunday July 15, 2001An unlikely book by a left-wing academic and an Italian prisoner is taking America by storm. It argues that globalisation, far from seeing off Communism, is the vehicle for powerful new forms of protest. World leaders might do well to take it to Genoa this week How often can it happen that […]

Autopsy Interview

By Nate Holdren* In Labor of Dionysus, you and Negri write that the definition of labor is a political matter. Part of what is attractive in your most recent work is the expansion of the definition of labor. How does this expansion work? Is it that some non-labor has become labor? Or is that we […]