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Aglietta in England : Bob Jessop’s contribution to the regulation approach

1. Introduction The main contribution to the Regulation Approach (RA) in the UK has come from B. Jessop[[There is no distinctive British regulation school. in Britain, the only theoretical contribution to the RA has come from Bob Jessop. A popularisation of post-fordist ideas could be found in the pages of Marxism Today (see the collection […]

Werner in Wunderland or notes on a marxism beyond pessimism and false optimism

The claim that Marxist theory is in crisis is not a particularly new or original one (Althusser, 1978 ; Callinicos, 1982 ; McCarney, 1990 ; Poulantzas, 1967). Indeed, it might well be argued that, like the question of the relationship between structure and struggle, it is a perennial theme within Marxist theory (cf. Bonefeld, 1993). […]